The elite 1% have looted, plundered and shamed the hardworking, proud, loyal and honest 99% of the population. The elected representatives have sold their conscience for petty gains and there exists a massive vacuum of genuine leadership. Pakistan Muslim Alliance (PMA) has been established to save our future. Pakistan and its destiny stand at crossroads at the 2018 elections juncture. PMA has resolved to move forward and help Pakistan emerge – prosperous to the dream of its founders and to make all people as proud by its position among the nations of the world. PMA will INSHALLAH give power back to the poor and middle-class citizens of Pakistan and is definitely going to have a genuine claim to being the only representative party of the poor and middle-class people of Pakistan.


The honest people of Pakistan who are praying to overhaul the current rigged and corrupt system that preys on cruelty, oppression and sucking blood of the people of Pakistan – must stand shoulder to shoulder with PMA. PMA aims to devolve power to the people so that they take control of their own lives within a just & equitable environment. Empowerment is the birthright of every Pakistani, where we commit to strengthen the existing and next generation without excluding women, children, the weak and the marginalized poor of the society. PMA envisions a country devoid of political victimization. PMA will promote participation of women and youth in the national development. PMA will protect women against violence and will bring laws awarding severe punishment to those who were involved in atrocities like acid crimes towards women. PMA has the passion and drive to change the status quo of destructive politics and will make no compromises, merely for the sake of power. PMA is proud of its party workers and will continue to strive for policies which bring revolutionary change in the life of ordinary Pakistanis. PMA is proud to have the most qualified and honest amongst us, within its ranks.