“The Prime Minister of a poor country cannot afford to have new clothes, lavish food and personal home for his self”. Shaheed Khan Liaquat Ali Khan (Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan)

  • The elite 1% have looted, plundered and shamed the hardworking, proud, loyal and honest 99% of the population.
  • The elected representatives have sold their conscience for petty gains and there exists a massive vacuum of genuine leadership. Pakistan
  • Muslim Alliance (PMA) has been established to save our future.
  • Pakistan and its destiny stand at crossroads at the 2018 elections juncture. PMA has resolved to move forward and help Pakistan emerge – prosperous to the dream of its founders and to make all people as proud by its position among the nations of the world.
  • PMA will INSHALLAH give power back to the poor and middle-class citizens of Pakistan and is definitely going to have genuine claim to being the only representative party of the poor and middle-class people of Pakistan.


The honest people of Pakistan who are praying to overhaul the current rigged and corrupt system that preys on cruelty, oppression and sucking the blood of the people of Pakistan – must stand shoulder to shoulder with PMA. PMA aims to devolve power to the people so that they take control of their own lives within a just & equitable environment. Empowerment is the birthright of every Pakistani, where we commit to strengthen the existing and next generation without excluding women, children, the weak and the marginalized poor of the society.

  • PMA envisions a country devoid of political victimization.
  • PMA will promote the participation of women and youth in the national development.
  • PMA will protect women against violence and will bring laws awarding severe punishment to those who were involved in atrocities like acid crimes towards women.
  • PMA has the passion and drive to change the status quo of destructive politics and will make no compromises, merely for the sake of power. PMA is proud of its party workers and will continue to strive for policies which bring revolutionary change in the life of ordinary Pakistanis.
  • PMA is proud to have the most qualified and honest amongst us, within its ranks.

PMA embodies uniting the whole nation under one umbrella. PMA’s message is of love for all & hate for none. Stand united with PMA to defeat all corrupt, status quo parties and their allies. Our unity can drive the thugs away with one masterstroke. PMA especially undertakes to take care and offer social protection to single women not under the care of parents and families as well as widows, orphans & women with special needs.


Prime Minister House, all state guest houses, all Governor Houses, All Commission Houses, all symbols of pomp and glory will be immediately shutdown and/or will be converted to places of commercial public use. Existing staff will be transferred to department of provincial and federal government departments. All Chief Minister Houses will be called as Camp Offices & expense will be cut by up to 60%. Size and facilities of the top Governing authorities and officials will be cost to reasonable size at economical level.


All labour laws will be adjusted with the advice of registered trade unions with in the country and covered under ILO. Contract labour laws will revise as per advice of trade unions and will be strictly enforced.

PMA will take all actions & steps to provide dignity & welfare to labours and will help to increase productivity & industrial peace. Labour representatives will be assured seats in NA and Seats in each provincial assembly through legislation. PMA will aim to raise minimum wages to cover the inflation by annual review. We will aim to double the pension of labour workforce. The employee’s old age benefits institutions (EOBI) scheme will be extended to establishments employing five or more workers; as well as bringing banking companies & corporate industry under EOBI schemes. PMA will work on registration of industrial workers including agricultural workers for organized firms PMA will expand labour laws to cover FATA, PATA, Gilgit, Baltistan & AJK as well.

With more than 65% of our total population now under the age of 18 years and young people have played a vital role in restoration of democracy; PMA will encourage the youth to participate in all aspects of public affairs. PMA will involve youth in governance at local level through special seats reserved for them in union & district councils. PMA will aim to establish a youth assembly at district levels to promote young leadership parliament at the provincial & national level. PMA will provide 20,000 scholarships to youth for higher education & specialized education will be given for students in Baluchistan & FATA. Health care awareness campaigns & drugs awareness campaigns for youth will be encouraged. Interest free loans will be given to deserving students and scholarships for needy and deserving students. Ethical and cultural environment will be creating by ensuring training of our youth with discipline, harmony, respect and hard and honest work.


PMA will grant voting rights to all overseas Pakistanis & dual nationals and arrange voting participation. Pakistani missions abroad will provide relief & financially support Pakistanis facing hardship in case of any tragedy. All overseas Pakistanis will be treated with respect in all Pakistani embassies as well as when they land in Pakistan they will be treated with utmost dignity and respect at local airports. PMA will encourage expatriate Pakistanis to invest in social sector programs. Vocational Schools / Institutions will be established for overseas job seekers.


Freedom of media will be guaranteed and respected and comprehensive insurance schemes will be introduced for journalists. PTV & PBC will be made autonomous bodies. PID will not be allowed to be used as a tool for government propaganda.


Introduce “E” Government system in all sectors, including data of births & deaths, land records, court cases, police records of criminals, enabling citizen to perform secure transactions over telephone using their voice as their passwords as well as “Code”. Rights of property owners will be protected by linking it to the owners CNIC & thereby to their legal heirs. “E” Governance will provide complete data of unemployed, post and under graduates as well as availability of jobs in private & government sectors.


National education emergency will be declared to eradicate illiteracy on a war footing base with a commitment to educate each and every person in Pakistan. PMA will put an end to the abuse of the educational system as well as by removing hate, violence & militancy mindsets taking root in educational institutions. English & Urdu will be taught as compulsory subjects from primary classes onwards. Education of Quran-e-Majeed & Hadith will be taught from primary classes onwards. PMA will allocate and spend 5% of GDP in 3 years on education. All efforts will be made to modernize and upgrade all government schools & colleges on a war footing basis. Extracurricular activities will be encouraged to develop the potential of youth. Strive to diminish & then remove the qualitative gap between private and public schooling. “A Education Standard Council – ESC” will be formed in this regard in all provinces to coordinate their work. PMA will strive to eliminate gender disparities in education. Moral and Ethics will be promoted on war footings. Teacher’s quality will be improved by special trainings. PMA will ask all educated men and women to teach or support teaching of at least two persons from among the needy population each year.


Electricity shortage to be eliminated which will make Pakistan an Energy Secure State. All the provinces will be instructed to share responsibility to help each other to plug the energy gap. IPP – Independent Power Producer’s genuine concerns and problems will be solved to help reduce overall tariff structure of electricity so that the common man gets relief on electricity bills and cost of Manufacturing be reduced Clean avenues of energy such as Solar will be encouraged with zero taxation on all power generation systems.


PMA always stood to protect right of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other NonMuslims. PMA declare that there is no distinction between citizens of Pakistan on the basis of majority. PMA declare that Muslims, Christians, Hindus & Sikh have equal rights in the country and all the citizen of Pakistan will be treated as only citizen of Pakistan & majority or minority will be erased and where equality, interfaith to learner & plural values will be promoted. PMA stands & committed to protect Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. and prevent the misuse of laws target to all the Non-Muslims.
PMA wanted to introduce law which would ban the hate literatures & speeches and there will be no tolerance for any threat or abuse or violence against NonMuslims.
PMA wanted to ensure representation of Christians, Hindus & Sikhs in state of Institutions as per ratio of their population in the country since Christian’s population in Pakistan is in majority over other faiths so the ratio of parliamentary seats & jobs in government may also be distributed as per ratio of the population. Similarly Non-Muslims have complete freedom of worship. Legislative measure will be undertaken to prevent forced conversion of religion and practice of other religion as defined under the constitution of Pakistan. Non-Muslims have complete right to run their own educational system.


Hazara, South Punjab, Bahawalpur, Karachi and other provinces shall be created on administrative basis.
People of FATA & PATA will fall under jurisdiction of KPK province.


According to 18th amendment of constitution of Pakistan under article 19A, “Every citizen shall have right to have access to information in all matters of public importance subject to regulations”. PMA will ensure sanctity of this amendment. Print & Electronic media communication will be strengthened and made more effective for stakeholders. Media setup in all provinces & in Islamabad. Media University will be chartered, which will produce professional and quality journalists in the country. All government actions, records and information will be open to public scrutiny & common Pakistani will be to empower to make all government officials accountable.


PMA will bring reforms in accountability and adopt a strict zero tolerance policy for corruption. Accountability of all holders of public offices would be ensured. All NAB black laws which hurt the common innocent men & public office will be immediately abolished. All recovered assets of corruption will be used to pay debts of Pakistan. Investigation will be purely on truth basis; no harassment will be done to accused persons. Only the guilty will face the full force of the law. NAB will be responsible to prove corruption framed against accused person and not vice versa. PMA will strengthen the ombudsman’s offices both at federal & provincial level which will introduce culture of accountability in the delivery of public services.


  • Property owners will be protected from exploitation by real estate Mafia, Qabza Mafia, and fake documents makers.
  • Tenants of the property will be able to go to court on the fake application against property owners.
  • NEPRA, NADRA, SECP & CCP will take action against gas & electricity thieves, hoarders etc.
  • Electronic mapping of every property & linking it to the owner’s CNIC & thereby to his/her legal heirs will be executed.
  • Allotment of free & subsidized plots policies will be abolished.
  • No arbitrary development disbursements will be given to any parliamentarian and PMA will also eliminate all discretionary funds.
  • PMA will reduce the number of Federal Ministers to 15 & Advisors to 5.
  • All state institutions including defense sector will be encouraged to participate in expenditure reduction.
  • PMA will fulfill Father of Nation’s vision where all Pakistanis regardless of caste, creed, gender or religion to be protected under law and all the citizens will have equal access to justice & opportunity & we will make Pakistan a true Islamic welfare state and complete elimination of present sluggish & blood sucking system. PMA is confident that we Pakistanis already have the talent to bring about real change.


To preserve cultural heritage, PMA will bring legislation to secure all the archaeological sites. The rights of artists, musicians and other member’s performing arts will be protected and all the facilities will be extended to artists. New arts councils will be setup, in all districts of all the provinces. Through public private partnership PMA will allow general public to enter properties of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, Mohatta Palace, Birth Place of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and all the museums in Pakistan. PMA will guarantee protection of all religious sites & monuments. PMA will protect and conserve heritages through public private partnerships.


Women are ignored in top level decision making; despite being 58% of the population they unfortunately secure little representation in the present systems. PMA will encourage equal opportunity to develop women rights in all sectors of lives. There will be fair job policies to be implemented to ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of religion and sex. All government (Federal & Provincial) offices will be instructed to ensure to have appropriate quota for women staff. PMA will not tolerate any type of restrictions on women of any province, where they are disallowed from either voting or standing in elections. PMA will work to change culture of the communities. PMA will make laws to allow at least 5% of the women nomination on total voting basis received from political parties in general election. Thus, 5% women will be nominated for both National & Provincial Assemblies. Special scholarships will be given to girls to encourage them to achieve higher education. Rights of women labour will be equal to men labour. Working timing for working woman will not be more than 6 ½ hours and maternity benefits to women with no deduction of salary during child birth time Government will allow participation of women in national development, give representation to women teachers in primary education, enact & improve legislation on violence against women and property rights for female heirs will be protected. Participation of transgenders in politics and politics and protection of their rights.


A new national health insurance card scheme will be introduced for free treatment of children up to 18 years senior citizens of over 65 years and families having low income. Focus on Mother & Child health care. 100% free health care for all citizens of Pakistan will be provided in all government hospitals. Special focus on professional & qualified Dentists & Eye Doctors to be provided in all government hospitals and clinics. PMA will endeavor to spend at least 6%good portion of GDP in next 5 years on health care for the poor people. Availability of clean drinking water to each and every Pakistani both in cities and villages will be made a priority. Prevention of blindness, mental illness, dental diseases and genetic disorder will be focused upon. Prevention of cancer by bringing technologies to do research on it will be encouraged. PMA Will initiate mega programs to control cancer and provide free medical treatment to the people effective by cancer. PMA will ensure the supply of medical services, medicine and food to all patients admitted in government hospitals. PMA government pledges to bring a comprehensive, equitable social protection program to each Pakistani without having any difference of cast and religion. PMA will ensure to strengthen program that delivers on the ground, including LHW Programmed. PMA will ensure vaccination of 100% infants and children less than 6 years including polio. PMA will ensure to provide vaccination to all needy men and women above 55 years free of cost to prevent them from pneumonia. Free ambulance services will be provided and available to all needy Pakistanis in emergencies Medical care facilities for TRAUMA, Cardiac and nephrology centers at local level shall be established on priority basis. Eradication of polio by improving sanitation system will be focused upon. Removal of arsenic from water and strict check and balance of ingredients of water will be actioned immediately. Amanullah Khan Paracha, Chairman Pakistan Muslim Alliance


No water project will be commenced without consensus among all federating units however, all efforts will be made to resolve issues with no loss of time High level dialogue with India to implement Indus Water Treaty (IWT) and diplomatically forced India through UN to stop building dams on rivers flowing to Pakistan. High level dialogue with Afghanistan on Kabul River flows to Pakistan under International practice laws. Urgent requirement of setting up small & large dams are required to setup on Pakistani rivers and work will be expedited on that front. Training will be provided to farmers to make them properly use and recycle water to their land at Storage of rainwaters, sprinkling machine and recycled water to be used.


Free Industrial policy will be implemented with tax free zones in rural areas will be allowed for 15 years. No permission will be required from provincial or federal government for setting up of small, medium or big industrial unit of any type except defense-oriented industry. Free Economic Industrial & Trading Zone will be allowed where goods and raw material will be value added for their production purposes which will be exempted from all types of taxes. Finished goods will be processed and exported to different countries to increase our exports All facilities will be provided to free zones including Gas, Electricity, Water, Banking Facility, etc. Al major export sectors will be tax free, and Export Import Bank will be setup. Full monetary advantage will be taken of the natural resource base which the country has been endowed with, such as gold, copper, coal, marble, iron ore, magnesium, chromite, lead & other minerals. CPEC will provide an outstanding opportunity for the country becoming a lucrative trade corridor & taking advantage of the sharing its border with Iran, China and India will help Pakistan to become one of the fastest growing economy.

PMA will ensure that fast growing industrial growth & CPEC will creates jobs for over three million youth every year. The foreign investment and foreigners will be encouraged by securing investors using the Chinese model of trade. Simple custom procedures will be adopted to minimize custom procedure so online customs mechanisms will be encourage & implemented. Ensuring economy to be strong will cause nation to become secure by setting up good governance. Model incubator system will be created for SME’s. Innovative and research-oriented SME’s will be give special grants in the shape of long term loan.


  • PMA will improve tax to GDP ratio, with 15% to 20% informal economy being brought into tax net, reduce tax evasion, reduce the number of federal & provincial taxes.
  • Before producing budget, there will be a pre-budget statement which will be made publicly available for consultation, at least 6 weeks before the budget is presented in the national assembly for approval.
  • PMA will reduce tax rates to reduce the burdens on businessmen, industrials & other tax paying citizen.
  • No political influence will be allowed in FBR and FBR will become totally independent.
  • All income is taxable including real estate (only large landowners are taxable), the stock market, agriculture, live stocks, fisheries, etc. This will raise revenue without ending any extra tax rates to traders, industrialists & other taxpayers.
  • Taxpayers will be treated respectably and no harassments to taxpayers by FBR officials will be tolerated.
  • Taxpayers will be allowed to file their income taxes voluntary and allowed to submit their income returns in the bank and this will be treated as a final return and no further assessment from FBR however
  • 5% audit will be allowed by FBR. This will create trust between FBR and the common taxpayer in Pakistan.


For homeless people government will build up to one million houses every year through public private partnership schemes. Government may raise “Zakat” from rich people & build houses for homeless people and that too through publicprivate partnership but houses will be delivered to deserving poor without any payment and plans must be simple, establishing a government mandate. Housing Building finance will be given to every deserving Pakistani who does not possess any house or flat. PMA will bring about policies, allowing every government official house on mortgage basis on easy payment plan. Mortgage house will be established to enable banks & house financing companies to provide long term mortgages.


Selection of judges will be on the basis of merits and ratified by the parliament. No of Judges will be appointed private to the cases. Scrutiny of judges to be done by the parliament to ensure recruitment on merit basis. Rule of law and justice will always be the guide line. An FIR will be registered on phone call to a police station and the SHO shall ensure its routing to the right direction. PMA will ensure no political interference will be allowed and the criminal cases will be made compoundable. Jail reforms will be brought about in the way that the jails can be transformed into reformatories. Payroll rules will be modernized. Fake cases or fake FIR will be treated as criminal offense and will be punishable. Lawyers or any person assisting Fake cases will be charged Plea bargain system will be introduced in the entire country. PMA will ensure that cases should be decided within one year of first filing and stay orders will be limited to thirty days with no renewal.


Agriculture will be turned into a fully viable economic industry, high priority will be given to the development of lives stock and fisheries sectors reclaim & irrigate additional land for allotment to landless, women heirs & tenants & achieve food security.
* To bring the agricultural income of large landowners into the tax net, income tax will be charged on land income rather than a fixed rate on landholding.
* All lands record will be computerized and it will be available as a transparent system of land & this will help to break shackles of the Patwari & Tehsildar.
* Minimum period of tenancy will be set up & law against evacuation from the land will be strengthened.
* Free at cost supply of seeds & chemicals to protect the crop from pest will be given to grower holding land less than 50 Acres.
* Large number of storages will be made Public / Private Funds and low profit.
* Grain storages will be provided on very nominal rents to save the crops due to open air & pests.
* The status of fishing communities will be raised by providing fisheries with most modern equipment which will help fishermen to get improve catch while in the sea which will help to reduce the cost and time.
* Insurance policy to each and every fisherman will be compulsory so in case of an accident, the children and legal heirs will be properly looked after.
* Credit facilities for small fisheries packaging & processing unit wise be extended through SME banks.
* Plant and livestock protection laws will be promulgated.
Cold storages and dryer units will be encouraged for long durability of the crops.


The Defence and National Security will be established to maintain democratic oversight of all aspects of foreign & defence policies. PMA will encourage close working relation between defence and parliamentary institutions and institution will be run under the instruction and directions of Federal Government and under all circumstances the strategic assets would be protected. The protection of all our borders and containment of extremism and violence will be done on priority basis. PMA government will ensure our armed forces will maintain the highest professional standards and hope to protect the citizens of Pakistan from both external and internal enemies. PMA will ensure military budgets will be accountable to parliament. PMA will work to ensure global nuclear disarmament. PMA will enforce Pakistan’s sovereignty and other nations will not be allowed to violate Pakistani borders. No aid will be accepted from USA or their allies for fighting war against terrorism instead we will demand USA 5 to 10 billion dollars per annum for using Pakistan territory & armed forces to stop war against terrorism. PMA government will beef up law enforcement community police will be established and local reconciliation centers will be encouraged to minimize issues to become cases PMA will ensure drug treatment & rehabilitation facilities and enforce laws to control narcotics smuggling from our borders. PMA will implement strict rules to facilitate the repatriation of Afghan refugees.


PMA will comprehensively review national security & foreign policy.

PMA will enhance relations with proven friendly countries & normalize relations with other countries specially our neighboring countries. The foreign policy based on respect for sovereignty & mutuality of interest. PMA seek peaceful negotiations for solutions of Kashmir.

The destruction of Pakistan economy is due to wrongful foreign policies of corrupt & inept elites have sought to seek support by offering to further external power agendas at the cost of the nation’s own security. PMA will not extend any further external powers agendas.

Present foreign policy has remained hostage to the objective of stronger allies that distorted economic growth as well as foreign policy PMA will change this policy, so that every citizen can live in peace, security & prosperity with no discrimination.


We will bring law to ensure every Pakistani whose name is listed in 1998 census list and thereafter enrolled in voters list of 2002 will be called as bonafied citizen of Pakistan and no further enquiry shall be conducted against such citizen.

Equal rights of citizen ship will be given to all Pakistani Bangalies, Biharis & Pakhtoon in this regard.
PMA will ensure peaceful return of Pakistanis living in Geneva Camp in Bangladesh and thereafter arrangements of their permanent respectable settlement in Pakistan.


Our nation has almost lost it value system of a good quality human being. PMA will make mass movements to encourage ethical education, good manners, respect to elders, simplicity, family values, and strong religious faith community systems of help to each other and encourage voluntary work and cooperation systems in agriculture and business.
PMA will create an environment of encouragement of family value systems, religious practices for human dignity and love and respect for all citizens.